I was hoping that by participating in a daily drawing challenge I would get into the habit of taking a little time everyday to doodle. Drawlloween has been happening for 11 days, and I have created more than 4 drawings per day on average. Some I am even satisfied enough with to use in zines or replicate in prints. Definitely got my money's worth there. 

The timing of this exercise is quite perfect. I have been stripping away the layers in my work for quite sometime, going from acrylic heavy mixed media, to watercolors, and now just ink. At the same time details are coming more into focus; faces have eyes, silhouettes have feet (however anatomically incorrect they may be.) There is a willingness to make more decisions.  

My style has also become more clear. Never have I looked at a person and committed to drawing them as I saw them or felt them. But lately, out of sheer creative confidence, the will is just there to follow through. Grounding and lifting me in tandem. Where I would once cringe and quit, because of a misplaced line or an unrealized vision, I now push to see what will happen once the face is rendered. 

Reaction is what I love most about making art, and I think I have gone further than granting myself permission to indulge in that, I wholeheartedly reject the premise that there is any other option. 


week one of drawlloween

Drawlloween time is here! This is my first week's worth of drawings, that I actually cranked out last night while watching Rocky Horror Picture Show. It's been a busy October, but going forward I am going to draw these daily. In order... a ghost, devil, goblin, vampire, werewolf, pumpkin, haunted house, and a zombie. 


What is this place?

A new round of my goal list 101 things to do in 1001 days has just begun, which has me deep in thought contemplating the possibility of the next 3 years of this life. One of my goals is to blog more, though I have not yet decided how to quantify the goal. Should I blog once a week, or x amount of times per year, or...? Completing this goal is important to me because in lists' past I have never come close to marking it done. To achieve I need to understand why I failed. 

I think I struggle to blog with any sort of consistency, because I cannot turn off or appease the branding chatter in my head. It kinda sucks that I have a marketing degree, an entrepreneurial mind, and a competitive spirit, along with the intention to use those talents in harmony. It is damn near impossible to shut off said filters. Branding is a relentless part of life now. A can of worms opened further and found to be deeper with every graduating class. I cannot keep up. It's fucking exhausting. 

Blogging has become a tool to sell yourself. Sell your pretty photos of your tasty food to as many followers as possible so you can then sell the possibility of earnings to publishers that will give you a book deal. Support the book, branch out into home decor, dabble in diy, display a little human emotion or activist mentality; now it's a lifestyle brand. (Cue Renton.)

Technically this is an art blog for it shares the name of my art business. But, I'm not trying to sell you my shit or show you how to replicate it. I'm not trying to build a brand, yet I find myself laboring under that pressure no matter how many times I set the record straight. Ultimately, I get frustrated with the fine lines of balance and my blog goes unused.

Does anyone else struggle with this? 


I'm blue

Our new house is generally filled out with the exception of our guest room. The blank walls were screaming for a photoshoot. It was a quickie, but I did end up with a few shots that provided some interesting body angles to work with. I love these drawings for their raw, sketched look. However, I am itching to have more technical drawing ability. Figure drawing classes have always intimidated me, especially because they often work with a live model, but this year I am going to push to get over that fear.