every picture tells a story

Oh Saturday when will you matter as you should? I'd nip the tip off of one of my fingers for keys to a car for a few hours or a Whitman's sampler box. I smiled. I initiated the handshakes. I even eluded to a secret 5th avenue bar network. I better get that measly part time employment. Khakis. Bah.

I had a lovely conversation with my aunt last night; beefed up the legitimacy of my age in her eyes and even mine.

I'm listening to music for memories sake today. Dazed and confused soundtrack. classroom sing along of "piano man." I forget the teacher's name from that year, but I remember the sing along. Bon Jovi's "Always" and Lisa Loeb's "stay." The first fucking Green Day video. And Weezer; there was always Weezer.

I watched a rented "Almost Famous" in my aunt's living room alone. Changed me.

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