found polaroids

i was coming home on the train last week. sitting dangerously close to a man stinking of urine laying across the seats. i was so tired i didn't even care that i was still sitting when we came to a stop at jamaica center. i'm quite the anxious traveller so i usually jockey for door position so i can be free first. first to go up the stairs. first to get on the connecting bus. if i hadn't hung back until the car had cleared i never would have found the first polaroid just staring at me from the corner of an advertisement frame.

i swiped the the city street sign polaroid and went home.

the next day i was walking home from the bus stop and spied something slightly shiny on the ground and bent to examine. somehow i had found another polaroid picture. this time a reluctant smiler. he seems like a nice guy. is the universe telling me to buy a polaroid camera? i like to think there is a polaroid discarding phantom out there just peppering the streets with odd snap shots. an expensive but admirable hobby.

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