merrick blvd

this was the first photo i took by myself with lilo's complicated camera. the camera that is now broken which is responsible for the dearth in self portraiture.

august 27 2005. a saturday afternoon. it was warm. the bus made me nervous. putting my metrocard in the right way also made me nervous. i was headed to the mall to find that gem of a job. lord knows what i was wearing or how i was presenting myself because every single store i applied at to be a cashier never called me up for an interview. paylesss. lane bryant. old navy. freaking cvs. i was going to start debating on whether that was a good thing or not but that is always a waste of time for i am where i am now because of where i was then.

passing junky store front after store front on merrick blvd. we came upon a man selling great big watermelons from the back of his truck. i fumbled with the huge camera, feeling awkward as i always have taking pictures in front of people. perhaps someday i will get over that. and then the next step is to take pictures of strangers. ooooh. scary. i was too late to capture the melons so i took what i thought to be boring photos as we rolled down the middle class ghetto boulevard.

this was a happy accident helped with photoshop manipulation.

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