the night is a color much like ash. thick and grey like the fog i drove through on my way home. i was near the ocean earlier, driving through wavy roads, wanting to touch the reeds. the leaf was a miscellaneous object soon to nest in pocket then hung barely like unskirted knees. night can be fluorescent like a head ache, leaky drones of a faucet and eyes needing to be scratched. night brings nerves of a break in and wishes of more blanket to have. sometimes it's just dull and jealous of violet, plotting escapades like mad. and sometimes night is sad and lonely with not a friend in the land. usually i enjoy a full night alone with time for whispers and sillyness, happy to fall asleep in the stillness before others realize it's dawn.

forks are hard to admit. i haven't truly been faced with one in awhile.

this is what i look like at night by the way... like some basketcase who is kidnapping herself.

what are you listening to lately?
catching the melody in everything is so sweetly exhausting.


  1. your writing, it was always fantastic before and always inspiring and lately it seems to have gotten even more so.. i know i'm slightly biased but this what you wrote here is lovely. i love the part about the night being jealous of violet and plotting escapedes.

    i know something about forks, is there one coming up in the bend?

    when you kidnap yourself where do you go?

    i'm listening to a lot of the same stuff actually. i havent had my laptop running in awhile and i had a phone that had a bit of my music on it like 95 songs or so.. but yikes. i've listened to that a lot. i really like kimya dawson, also the whole juno soundtrack really.. bright eyes, regina specktor, the shins, garbage, elliot smith --i'm sure there is something i'm leaving out. honestly most of the music i love now in some ways has something to do with you from the music you've shared with me.

  2. you draw it out of me + i've been pent up creatively so perhaps we are at this very moment traveling within an explosion. that kind of excitement can't last, can it?

    that's the only way i can explain. at least for now as sleepy as i am.

  3. i'm trying not to think about the length of time...

    i suppose it's in part denial but also because i don't like to think of endings.. & yeah.. right now i'm enjoying the interchange.

    i've felt more inspired than i've felt in a long time.