the bubble burst and i started flowing in all sorts of directions. the basement was only half ready, but the bathroom worked, so we were able to set up an office. we incorporated, bought company health insurance, etc. i revamped the website, clients started rolling in... lots of happy little grown up moments ensued. being on the other side of a job interview is freaking fun. i enjoyed it a little too much i think, making them jump through all sorts of hoops.

our first office assistant was this teeny tiny girl called teya. she was perfect for all of 3 days and then started doing quickbooks entries wrong and stuff. we were so busy that no one noticed till about 2 weeks later. it was a big mess that we had to fix during some stressed out late night work sessions. joel was next. he was great, worked here for about 2 months and then of course left for a job offer at spin magazine. who could blame him? when i was a kid i wanted to work at a magazine or a newspaper, sometimes i still do.

as best as i remember spring was spent baby step moving, one box at a time. more sillyness from lis's family. i paid extra special attention on setting up clearer boundaries as we moved downstairs... "we have to knock before we open the door to your house?" "what bitch!"

i don't recall the terms and sadness. there was no poetry here. poetry gone.

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  1. heh. i'm smiling cause i bet it would be fun to interview people. congrats on all the business and grown up stuffs. proud of yous for that.

    also.. that's pretty awesome, spin magazine.. and me too.