5 days in may

i've been rereading my old hotmail email account. there are so many files of emails from florida and all those beautiful times. i wanted to post a few excerpts from journal posts and emails in an homage to the blue rodeo song "5 days in may." i feel like that song today.

the most relevant piece i found was from may 23, 2005.

"The noose doesn't have to be made of strength. It can be a wisp of string taped to the overhang of a roof that this house has built. The tape is drying but the string doesn't care. The tape is dying but the string holds it there."

we met in may and it's may now. well for 2 more days.

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  1. may is a beautiful month.

    i think i told you once because i was being stupid that i got rid of all of the emails.

    i never deleted one of them. i'm sorry for lying about that. the stranger part is reading them makes me feel like i'm still there.

    in the reinventedmuse journal there are private posts and saved aol conversations from that may/june. i still remember the first time i talked to you on aol.

    hell i remember the first time i sat down to write you that first letter. i felt so compelled to do it.

    then i remember going camping for memorial day and i couldn't think of anything but you and getting back to exchange more words.

    my stupid text messages didn't work. too far deep into the woods. but you sent what you would have said to my email instead. along with the photos. the photos!