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producing somewhat cohesive collections and/or series is my focus now in terms of art. whether it is atc's or collages or photographs. i tend to get hot about one idea, work on it quickly and then move on. i'm trying to keep myself immersed longer in a perspective or a theme. what i produce after a cycle of love it and hate it is usually deeper. i'm not some great artist but pushing myself to get a portfolio together, figure out what my originality is... well that's becoming more important to me. i took my website down because it was just everything, instead of being a point of view. i'm weeding and harvesting and have fun being messed up in it all.

after i made the little "go shoot sign" i started playing around with the scraps leftover from cutting the letters out. pretty much everything i make these days ends up with paper scraps on it. trash is the least intimidating material to work with so i guess that is why i gravitate toward it. plus, i love the underdog. anyway, i think i am going to work on a series of letter cut out scrap inspired atcs. something like these:

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  1. I love yours, they are great. These are some other peoples.. I found the tool through MiaSnow who has some doodles here: