1. i love these. esp the second one. can see her heart. yours are better than any of the other ones i've seen.

  2. it's your heart. well, the girl you play in your other life.

    speaking of other lives. yes i watch us of t. have since it started last year. i want to name my kid marsh just so i can call him marshmallow. actually i think marshall is a cool name for a girl, except that you cannot stop people from calling her marsha. how gross is that.

    my favorite alter is alice. i just love her perky pasted on persona. it is so creepy. like at any second she is just going to flip out, kill someone with a cleaver, and then sit down and daintily smoke a cigarette.

  3. Alice is a great one. My fav. this season has been Buck. I think that Toni Colette does an amazing job.

    ugh, Marsha.. pretty gross but I think the name Marshall is cool. Hehe Marshmellow :)