Do you know anyone devastatingly magical?

Lacuna | altered magazine photo

And, by magical I mean a person that gels with you so completely, pushes you creatively past points you never knew you had, and appreciates the little things about you that you live to be appreciated for. The devastating part comes when you are out of sync; it feels like the world is useless and that you'll never love again. When the slight absence of the magical parts of the relationship cause extreme panic and frustration.

Right now I am getting a constant busy signal from a muse. Actually, it is not even a busy signal, just a blank stare from her in every direction but mine. The emptiness is seething. I wanted to make a zine with her, but I guess I am going at it alone. Perhaps the zine will now be about the silence. This is why I can never truly cut the muse out of my life, because even when she is not satisfyingly present there still is a pushing of my button.

What is a muse worth?

Last night I found a broken box. I pulled the sides apart, threw out the cracked one, and painted on the rest...

warlords | mixed media on 5 x 5 wood

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