the stress of the art bio

Procrastination will no longer suffice, so I took on the task of the short artist bio. One paragraph to rule them all. This site was supremely helpful as it gave me permission to be funny.

Veronica Leto, 29, is a completely self taught artist + photographer who enjoys exchanging mail art, creating handmade street art, and taking self portraits. Originally from New Jersey, she now resides in Queens with her partner, Lilo, and their goldfish, Rufus. Actually, Veronica is writing this, so she is now going to talk to you like a regular person. Hi. The pieces you are viewing are called artist trading cards, which are miniature works of art defined by their 2.5 x 3.5 inch size. The cards I have been making recently focus on internal struggle. Imagine your body is transparent and you are reduced to a silhouette. What would that leave the world to see? I'm really asking. To see more works, or to smash my face with your critique, please visit my website: evey-in-orbit.com.

Okay, enough about me. haha. Made a few postcards last night...

rex postcard
rex | mixed media on 4x6 inch cardboard

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