I made a zine!

I have talked about it for years, made endless lists of zine ideas, but never just sat down and whipped one out... until yesterday. The very cool hollyholly ran a swap and asked us to make a manifesto.

The task:
"The manifesto can take whatever form you like: it could be your radical statement of goals for your idea of utopia, your ten commandments of creativity, your call for more hedonism now, or whatever it is that gets you fired up. It can be highly surreal or utterly practical, or anything in between, but make it bold and interesting."
Now, I really had no experience with reading or writing a manifesto, so of course the first thing I did was look some up online for reference. Half way reading through the first manifesto I found, I realized that this habit of establishing a standard outside of myself before I create is possibly my biggest creative problem. It is a wall I put up to defend myself against the freedom of choice. It is a wall I use to distract myself from listening to my own animal instincts. This thought led to others, and before I knew it I had constructed a manifesto. My words are unfinished and primed to evolve. Hence the reason this zine is titled MANIFESTO vol 1. I plan to make several more whenever the rants build up inside and dare to spill over.

What would your manifesto say? Start writing, because I promise something real will eventually come out. For perhaps the first time in my life I am in love with the possibility of riches sewn to the unknown. Here is a sneak peak sample of MANIFESTO vol 1. now available at eveyinorbit shop.

MANIFESTO vol 1 | page 2 and 3

I would be remiss (and perhaps hit over the head with a pillow later) if I did not mention my Lilo who kept me calm while I was navigating the scary staples copy machine, who solved the logic puzzle of why half of each page was printing upside down, who lent me her copy card, who bought me celebratory water ice on the way home, and who makes my world a wondrous place to live in. **And, who is excitedly talking to the television right now as if it is an actual person, because the film one of our clients made is being profiled on IFC. You are perfectly hilarious and all mine and I love u.**

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  1. you + lilo are ridiculously cute and i adore you both <3

    also, rock the fuck on for making a zine. we should make one together perhaps, si?