Mr. 100

I started my 101 things in 1001 days project on April 1, 2011. One of my tasks was to make 100 atc's. I figured, based on my previous average, that it would take me about a year to do that. Maybe longer, because I am prone to long periods of artistic drought. Two months later to the day, I have reached that goal. Say hello to Freddie aka Mr. 100.

freddie atc
freddie | mixed media atc


  1. I LOVE this!!!! What techniques/materials did you use?

  2. @Joanne
    Thanks so much. Let's see if I can remember. The first layer is a magazine photo of Val Kilmer. Then I dabbed yellow acrylic over his left eye. Probably rubbed the entire photo out in a few places with an eraser. Then I layed a magazine cutout of a man down and painted the white acrylic over it. Rubbed over the eyes so the yellow came through. Then I put the opposite part of the same cutout of the male form wearing a hat over the entire thing and used a black pen to scribble the outline. Then I dabbed on red-orange gauche over the lips.

    Next time I do another layered card I will try and photograph each "step" so you can see the progression. :)

  3. I am new to atc's...and I really love this :) Wonderful!!! xx