This is what I was working on before I left for Atlantic city. After viewing Pauline Hudel Smith's awesome sketchbook I was inspired to incorporate collage layers with the painting/stenciling I've been doing lately. I think I will keep going with it. Isn't her work amazing? She makes perfect sense out of what most others consider nothing, scraps, trash. I wish I was comfortable enough to leave such wide open space in my work.

Are you involved in the sketchbook project 2012? There is still time left to drop $25 on a sketchbook that will get to travel all over the US and Canada, as well as become part of the permanent collection at the Brooklyn Art Library. I have had mine for about a month, and I am still nervous about starting and finishing. Story of my life. Only 2 more weeks left to this semester(yay!), so I don't have anymore excuses.

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  1. Hi Evey, I"m following here now too. I like the idea of more space in collage and just ran across that very thing, would interest you too. Look for Nicola Starr either by google or www.paperrunway.com they have an article on her. She likes lots of negative space. Gonna have to try more of it in my art journal.
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