If you were to do a quick walk through of my house, you would see the evidence of my doodling habit everywhere. I've got the standard pile of doodled scratch paper next to the phone, post it notes all over the bathroom wall and notebooks strewn about in every other room. My lists are never complete without a few doodles in the margins.

Perhaps I should join doodlers anonymous.

As more and more of my house gets packed into boxes, I've got to take my doodling habit to the web! For this I am using one of my favorite online gadgets, scribbler_too, to unleash some creative thoughts.

Like my thoughts about being over-scheduled lately (children avert your eyes):

Or my love for my beautiful bub that inspires me to push through these dog days toward a better life:

Would you like to share one of your doodles?


  1. I can't stop playing with that Scribbler! Of course mind don't look anything like yours and are just a bunch of random swirls - but it's still keeping me quite occupied! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Neat! Glad to find you and your blog. (found via SB) Now I'm greatly enjoying Scribbler, thanks for sharing. I'm off to post one of my scribbles on my blog now. Cheers!

  3. I like your blog, and love your doodles! I found you through swap bot, and I am n ow a follower. I hope you can stop by my crafty blog for a peek some time...


  4. Love your doodles and artistic style, I found your blog via Swap Bot and I'm one of your new followers.
    Think I'm going to have a play with that scribbler now.

  5. Hi Evey, Checking in from the Blogger Swap. Great doodles. Going to check out your doodle site next. I"m already following you so I can't do that again, but I went to your "Networked Blogs" and followed there. You could do that on mine too as I'm on the networked blogs.
    Happy Monday, hang on Tuesday is coming.
    Hugs from Ukraine, Coleen

  6. I love that you have a doodle habbit! And thanks for sharing them, I really enjoyed looking at them and through your blog - I am now following you :) arkaya ~ swapbot.

  7. Hello Evey, I found your blog because you are in my circle from Etsy. Your work is really good and I like it very much. All of it. I am your new follower. It is great to have a table full of paper en magazine and than find the right piece you are looking for or a idea that is growing that way.

  8. I am not very artistic at all, and if I was to doodle, it would look nothing like your doodling. I don't know if I would even call yours doodling! It is more like real art I think!

    Annabell123 from Swap-bot