junk box atc

Too much in life requires serious attention right now, so to counterbalance this I pulled out my junk box. I am one of those strange people that find broken telephones and little metal bits on the side of the road to be amazing treasures. Next time you see a rusted bottle cap or some other oddity pick it up and maybe it will speak to you.


  1. All of your ATCs are awesome. A while ago I was admiring your marker/cutout/resist technique. I tried it at home, but my attempts weren't nearly as awesome as yours. -Hollychihuahua from S-B

  2. I love them! And I agree- Something could just pop out at you!

    I got one of your mini zines and few months back from a swap- I think you are amazing :)

    I am RyuLuna from Swap-Bot for the blogger swap!