Inspiration comes from the strangest places. While watching Mayor Bloomberg's press conference on the impending doom, I couldn't help but latch onto a few key disaster phrases. It is a secret and quite odd pleasure of mine to hear official people spew official words about emergency preparations.

Anyway, I started doodling and out popped a mini-zine, filled with mixed media art. This zine comes just in time too, since I am on a deadline for this swap. I am calling it "my auggie" as in my August. Not surprisingly with all this sickness and transition, I've been feeling like the bottled up barrel of a gun. My explosion just rising and rising.

First 3 people to comment about some of their strange sources of inspiration are welcome to a color copy of the zine when I print it out next week. That is if the torrential downpours don't wash me away first. Make sure to leave your email so I can contact you.


  1. I don't know that I would term my sources "strange" but here they are anyways! Lol. I tend to find inspiration in nature. I also tend to get inspired when I think back to my grandmother telling me about her life growing up during the Great Depression. It really instills in me the need to not waste, to use every little thing when I craft.

  2. In my ceramic work I always work from a geometric shape and there is always an idea. In my collages I let myself free to be inspired by the images, sometimes whit a basic background of my own. Most of the time there is a bird in the image.
    The results are a suprise for me and I enjoy it.

  3. I get inspiration from my dreams. i have the weirdest most lucid dreams, and i rmember them when i wake up, i often feel "hungover" ...whatever feeling i had during the dream i feel leftover with during the day. I also like musty old collections of crap. i love digging through boxes and bins. even my own. there is something about discovery that gets me going.
    amanda @ http://paintundermynails.blogspot.com/

  4. stay dry and thanks for the inspiration....funny where we get it sometimes, for sure

  5. Wow, such interesting work! And what a weird time and place to get the inspiration. Haha. I hope everything is all right for you!

  6. Interesting mini-zine. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

    tiger1i1y from swapbot (blog swap)

  7. I enjoy the metaphor in your work.
    I tend to be literal in my use of imagery, but I'm thinking more about irony and the message it conveys as I see in your work.
    Always thought-provoking, Evey.

  8. Really good cards!! And the messages on them!!
    Anabella194 from Swap Bot

  9. That is really neat..the world of "zines" is new to me. I just discovered them when starting SwapBot in September. Maybe I'll try one someday...I'm getting a handle on ATCs for now! Ha! :)

    Sarah (lostinavalon) from SwapBot
    visiting you for the Blog Comment Lovers Swap