Yesterday, while fooling around with my silhouettes and inks, I forged this figure together. It is a young girl whose head turns out to be a revolver. The visuals of turning people, animals and objects into guns really has me musing.

By the way, the gun silhouette showing up in my work lately has nothing to do with violence. It's just a symbol of my frustration from being sick for so long and feeling bottled up as a result. I'm loaded. Or loading. Or whatever. Bang!

Later, when I showed Lilo the silhouette, she commented that the card itself was kind of like whittling down the film "Bambi" into a tiny piece of art. Obviously that wasn't my intention, as I was just playing around, but it got me to thinking: should it be?

My paint is still in boxes, and will remain there until we roll into Nashville next week. (yay!) When I do finally set up my new studio, I am going to delve deeper into this deer / revolver girl thing. Without much access to texture, I turned to some string scraps leftover from binding my zines.


  1. very nice. your work is introspective but provocative. like!!

  2. great atc, every thing is in place.!

  3. i really like the version with the red lines, is that ink or string? i think the extra dimension of string would be really interesting.

    this is ichbinseins from swap-bot!

    <3, katie

  4. You're very talented! I'm from Swap-bot, and have started following you. Can't wait to see more of your work. :)

  5. i love how abstract your art looks =D i've followed you!

    -merreena from swap-bot (blog swap)

  6. hey! it's skirts from swap-bot.

    i absolutely looove your work!! i've added your etsy shop to my favorites so i can do some shopping soon :)

  7. That is just awesome. :) good job

  8. Wow... so creative! Love it!

    -angellarae from Blog Swap on swap-bot

  9. This is a great piece of art :)..