quick five

'the deepest end'
1. Hello!

2. Lilo and I made it to Nashville last week, and we are so happy to be on another leg of our journey. The house is more beautiful than we expected. The deck alone is bigger than our nyc apartment. And, the sky here is so huge, I think it might swallow me whole. There is just so much space to spread my art out all over. I'm pretty stoked.

3. MOO CARDS is having a 25% off sale. What an awesome twist of fate, as I was planning to print a new round of art postcards this weekend. The sale ends on September 25th. Don't miss out!

4. In an attempt to get back into the swing of all things Etsy, I put together a new treasury called 'just a romantic pop top girl.' The collection is inspired by the above original illustration from prettylittletheives.

5. hmmmm... what else has been going on? Ooooh, right. I decided to finish my B.A. out as an art major. Starting next month I will be a full time art student. Drawing pencils beware.


  1. 1. Hi Evey; missed your installments.

    2. So happy for your joy making a new home on land. I love big sky too!

    3. Checked out Moo cards; thanks for the great lead. So many ideas!

    4. Super collection; how wonderful to be so widely acknowledged.

    5. The best news of all. What a gift to give yourself. All my creative best wishes!

  2. How exciting to be going back to school! I have a BA, but considered going back for more. Not so sure now, I don't like the pricetag! Hope all goes well for you.

    Annabell123 from Swap-bot