the abc's of me

Hello to all my new readers! In the spirit of getting to know one another, I thought I would share this silly little meme I have seen in many of the blogs I read.

Age: 29
Bed size: queen
Chore that you hate: a very even tie between doing the dishes and taking out the trash.
Dogs: we rescued a beautiful black lab named ford a few years ago, but we had to find him a new home when we moved. I miss him.
Essential start to your day: a very large glass of ice cold water.
Favorite color: chartreuse, pumpkin orange, mint green, bright yellow
Gold or Silver: gold is starting to grow on me, but I prefer brass.
Height: 5'7, but my legs are quite short so I end up wearing petite pants anyway.
Instruments you play: none. have attempted the guitar, drums, and flute over the years.
Job title: artist, serial entrepreneur, co-owner of lilo + evey
Kids: zero (someday)
Live: split my time between nyc and nashville.
Mother’s name: carol
Nicknames: lilo calls me scooby.
Overnight hospital stays: never, thank goodness.
Pet peeves: limp handshakes, people that do not acknowledge kindness, waste.
Quote from a movie: "rule #71: no excuses. play like a champion!" from wedding crashers
Right or left handed: right.
Siblings: younger sister
Underwear: boy cut hanes underwear, and if they ever stop making them I will have to give up living.
Vegetable you hate: radishes and beets
What makes you run late: lilo (and don't you even deny it.)
X-Rays you’ve had: teeth, chest, foot
Yummy food that you make: marinara sauce, minestrone soup, truffles.
Zoo animal: penguins!!

What are the ABC's of you?


  1. fun introduction!!! I love it! I want to do mine the same way now!!!)))

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  3. Very cute post :) Nice getting to know you! Stop by blog and vote if you get a chance! ;)

  4. Super-fun introduction...yup...I'm stealing it!!!

  5. pleased to meet you! i hate radishes too!

  6. What a fun way to get to know you! Thanks for sharing.

  7. A fun way to introduce yourself! thanks for sharing..

  8. Very cool! Nice to meet you! So you live in Nashville sometimes? I'm in Memphis. And I'm originally from NY. :)

  9. uniquecozytreasures- Thanks for a little peak into your life.

  10. Loved reading about you!
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  11. Thanks for visiting my blog we met way back ?

  12. Ooh, I love reading quizzes like these. Maybe, I'll do one soon ;p

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