sketchbook project

It's due on January 31st. And, it's blank. And, I want so badly to make it look awesome that I have psyched myself out of starting it for fear of ruining it. Somehow I am going to get this thing filled with art, mail it on time, and be proud of my entry. Somehow. And, soon. Very soon.


  1. Few things scare me as much as a blank page (or a whole blank notebook!) But clear your mind and you will make it beautiful and it will outshine your expectations!

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  2. I'm doing this too but isn't the deadline later. If it's due tomorrow then I need to do a lot of sketches today.

    The site says April 30th but I'm not sure that's just for the limited edition or if they extended the deadline for all the books.

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  3. This is the one right? http://www.arthousecoop.com/projects/sketchbookproject