I know that you speak the words. When you don't speak them, you write them. When you don't write them, you think them. When you don't think them, you feel them. And when you are brave, you share.

I answer. Because it is simpler to miss a path not taken, or a path you were thrown from, then to buck up and blaze through the path you are on. Because real connection is a monster unto itself, insatiable and consuming. Because you are you. Because that is rare. Because life is short.

So we talk in voices designed to make us believe we were never really there. We mock ourselves. We spend more energy staying apart, than growing together. I wish that wasn't a necessary toil. Shouldn't that wish really count? After all, it is my birthday.


  1. Bravo brave soul, and many happy returns of the day. You are sure to receive the clarity you seek. I admire your courage Evey for being your true and original self.

    1. Thank you. I really needed that.