I had, oh I dunno, a couple hundred words here a minute ago. Good words. Words I saved in case I need to wrap myself in them later. But, I think the point of them will be much more understood if I keep the thoughts small. I tend to want to say everything all at once, instead of having faith that there will be enough time to wander through delicately.

I want to believe in the sound of invitation. I want you to trust that I have no desire or need to hurt you, or make you pay, or watch you try. I want to be friends in the now. Nothing more, but also nothing less. You see the less, this feeling of being trapped in a mute and discarded audience, is getting too hard to be a part of. For some time it felt right that I was here waiting, watching, ready at the support, moving forward but not letting go. 

I want so badly to fix things between us, but if I am a kyptonite, then remain on the banks of these waters. I'd rather see you dry and whole, then drowning in my sea.

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