instaweek: owl drawings

Some of my old zine covers were kind of drab, so I decided to redesign a few. The Happy Owl is a zine series in which I make a quick list of whatever I am grateful for complete with doodles. Now that each cover is filled with cute little owl drawings, I imagine I will be sitting down to make future issues more often.

When I don't leave the house all day I am forced to take my daily photo of whatever I can spy outside my third floor window.

 Here is some fun with Pudding Camera

I am only now just looking at the larger version of this photo. My poor Charlie looks so sad in his feather boa. :( 

I have absolutely no idea how I did this. I was playing with a bunch of photo effect apps on my phone (that I found here) and ended up with this. 

Owl drawings in progress. 

Glad I decided to go for a walk the last time it snowed. The snow was thick and wet, so it covered everything like a picturesque puzzle scene. 

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