instaweek: habits

I'm trying to get into the habit of taking daily photos. Even if I think the subject matter isn't all that interesting. Even if I forget until my head is about to hit the pillow. Even if my only options are the dying flowers on my nightstand. 

My first new zine in ages is about to drop. Yay! In a nutshell it is about love. Choosing the font and placement for the title ends up being the hardest part of layout for me. I ended up picking the bottom one. 

Long distance relationships are mad hard for so many reasons. The worst for me is missing out on the little quirks and details of routine that just don't translate over 900 miles. You better believe I am soaking up all the little moments of living under the same roof again. I get to wake up next to my love every morning for cuddles and chit chat and big yawns. 

Charlie is enjoying all the family hang out time too, because he gets to be the filling in lots of cuddle sandwiches. Wow, I'm corny.

And in thrifting adventure news, we scored this mid century dresser last week. Lilo is lucky that this monster does not fit in our car, or I would be carting it back to Nashville with me next month. I am so in love with it! Oh well, at least I get to visit it whenever I want.

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