stink eye: volume three

Get ready for a storm of new zine posts. 

I am feeling really in tune with my inner maker this week, which I am so grateful for. The time away from running the day to day business of nashpop has given me back some creative real estate. That coupled with the coming of Spring has me feeling rejuvenated to refocus. A lot of my creative projects have been sitting in bins since before the holidays, but they are beginning to see the light. There is an energy buzzing.

First thing I completed was a new volume of my stink eye zine. This writing in this issue is about love and loss. Here is an excerpt:

Night can be fluorescent, like a migraine. Sometimes it’s just dull and jealous of violet. Night brings nerves of a victim too easy to bend. So unchallenged by this, you’ll slip. There will be no restraining yourself from the thought of putting your head in the oven. You cannot help but think only of drastic, abstract change. Night is always plotting escapades. 
Night is the mechanism I use to kidnap myself. A practice in survival, first by leaching energy from the swallows, and then finding freedom in daylight’s reinvention. In this I found my mending.
For this, you called me a weak butterfly. 

I'm always up for a zine trade, so feel free to email. Otherwise you can snag a copy in the evey in orbit shop

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