When did we become enemies?

I know there are times when we are at a standstill within in a relationship. Maybe some difficult words are spoken, or a hurt feeling turned into some distance. Maybe no one is very upset at all to begin with, but a minute detail festers into an internal brawl.

I’ve been there. I am there.

We believe in time that things will shake out, because maybe they always have. We tell ourselves that a little space can be a good thing. We grant ourselves permission to press the connection we have with the other person onto an almost subconscious level. We forget why we feel so sad and lonely, to the point that mindfully reconnecting with the person we have left behind seems like an unrelated course of action. We render ourselves incapable of finding the answers.

The thing is, people die. Or their lives fill in your empty space. Or their essence becomes unrecognizable in relation to their stricter or looser beliefs. Silence supports nothing.

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