working in stages

I am experimenting with a new creation process to try and nudge myself out of this artless rut I have been in for weeks. Usually I am fairly content to wait until the right creative mood strikes, but there is this deep impatience within me to invent versions of myself. And every version must be its own color. And every color must be my own.

So I unwrapped a new stack of canvas boards, popped a few tubes of watercolors, and after scolding myself for ruining all my good brushes (thus never having them available when I actually want to paint) I got to work. Ten thousand tiny strokes later... I'm doing a series of (so far) painted portraits. Instead of working on one piece until it is complete as normal, I am working in the same layer across all ten boards during a sitting.

Walking away from an art piece and letting that space influence my next move is a great departure for me. I have always been afraid of over-thinking without ever truly making that mistake. Maybe avoiding contemplation entirely in favor of my gut instincts is depriving me of a more meaningful artistic experience. Maybe what I did tonight is the true meaning of practicing one's craft.

Tonight I penciled in some silhouettes and covered the remaining space in vivid watercolor hues. Next I think  I will introduce some paper wings, or maybe some bird imagery. After that probably more paint in contrasting colors, and then some ink drawing to bring the original under image back. I want to convey a sense of motion, not necessarily trapped, but ignored. Isolated. 

As part of my 101 in 1001 days list, I challenged myself to make thirty works of art sized 8 x 10 or larger. So far I have created ten, and with the completion of these pieces I will have another ten.

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