I feel disjointed and unmotivated today. At least creatively. 

I keep rewriting the same lines. They are all gripes about going home; the anxiety of a big lonely house, the disappointment in myself for puffing out, fourteen hours of long road, the tension of my new plans about to explode. Again I have to set what I love free, and wait to see if it returns to me. There is just no more time left to hide out from reality in New York. 

It’s Summer. Time to start a garden, perfect my vegan sushi skills, scale my business efforts, get back in the gym, find more pieces of myself that fit in my empty spaces. It’s Monday morning. Time to look myself in the eye and get it together. 

No apologies necessary. I imagine you must have traveled the spectrum in reaction to that news. Probably still traveling, and that is okay. I think peace is a journey just like happiness. It’s all about mindfully enjoying the process.

There were pictures last night. To that place my mind wanders.

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