I was hoping that by participating in a daily drawing challenge I would get into the habit of taking a little time everyday to doodle. Drawlloween has been happening for 11 days, and I have created more than 4 drawings per day on average. Some I am even satisfied enough with to use in zines or replicate in prints. Definitely got my money's worth there. 

The timing of this exercise is quite perfect. I have been stripping away the layers in my work for quite sometime, going from acrylic heavy mixed media, to watercolors, and now just ink. At the same time details are coming more into focus; faces have eyes, silhouettes have feet (however anatomically incorrect they may be.) There is a willingness to make more decisions.  

My style has also become more clear. Never have I looked at a person and committed to drawing them as I saw them or felt them. But lately, out of sheer creative confidence, the will is just there to follow through. Grounding and lifting me in tandem. Where I would once cringe and quit, because of a misplaced line or an unrealized vision, I now push to see what will happen once the face is rendered. 

Reaction is what I love most about making art, and I think I have gone further than granting myself permission to indulge in that, I wholeheartedly reject the premise that there is any other option. 

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  1. These are really unique. Very cool.
    I too, find i need to "have a reason" to sit and do one of my hobbies. Life gets so busy -- I really like these
    Chantal0995 - bloghop