about me

Hey. My name is Veronica, but I go by evey. I am a mixed media artist, zinester, and Etsy-preneur. Originally from the NYC area, I have been living in Nashville for the last four years, and just purchased a house here. I like my big little city. The people are uber friendly, there is so much space in every level of my environment, and I like being hundreds of miles from everyone I used to know. 


I mix it up pretty evenly between photo adventures, writing pieces I am working on for zines, artwork I have made or am in the process of completing, my progress on my current round of 101 goals in 1001 days list, and other random tidbits. Sometimes I post everyday for a month, and then I will hibernate for a season. That's just my natural creative cycle.

On tap for 2016: attending my first of many births, continuing to adopt a vegan (and mostly raw) lifestyle, radical self acceptance, more queer friends, body positivity, home gardening, adventures in screen printing, figuring out my place in the poly/kink scene, lilo and evey go on a train trip, so many zines, and our first year hosting our annual valentines day dinner.


My lovely Lilo and I just purchased our first home. We plan to change every floor, paint every wall, and fill it with as much love as possible. Currently, our tribe includes two awesome parti poodles, one big and one small (Charlie and Jojo respectively.)

Four years ago Lilo and I decided to shake our life up a bit and take some big risks. That landed me in Nashville, and her commuting back and forth between here and NYC. Sounds crazy, and taking a solid 8 year relationship into long distance land is not something I would ever sign up for again knowing what I do now, but we have made it to the end of this transition. We got married on 12-13-14 in a small wintery ceremony in NYC, which was our final love letter to our home city. We now officially call Nashville our home, and are excited to continue to put roots down. Someday there will be children with her impossible eyes and my impossible attitude.

day job

My passions are shifting right now. Creative businesses have been my way of life, first by way of marketing and web/graphic design, and then by my art and vintage Etsy shops that allowed me to quit the rat race. Now, I am working toward a birthing doula certification so that I can help educate and support women throughout their most intense life experience.

I dream of someday running a food truck or a bed and breakfast, starting a non profit to connect people struggling with food insecurity and land owners willing to allow use of their land for growing food, creating a birth education/resource space, writing a book, and teaching. 


There is nothing more beautiful or freeing in this world to me, than a huge desk filled with ephemera, paints, inks and piles of magazines. Some people look at the world and see junk in the randomness; I see possibility.

Creatively, my interests are perpetually in orbit, as I enjoy working with many different techniques and materials. Over the years I have tried my hand at collage, acrylic paintings, altered books, photography, assemblage, ink drawings, digital art, and zine production. Mail art and artist trading cards are the most dear to my heart since they are the art forms I began with almost 10 years ago, and the ones I still spend the most time making today.

Screen printing is about to take over my deck space now that the weather is warmer.


My photography work is untrained and purely run on instinct. Some days I strip and expose myself to the lens. Selfies overly crowd our daily media, but I truly believe in the power of self portraits. They are a mechanism I use to discover my own beauty and discredit those that feel differently.

I am drawn in by beautiful decay, such as texture and heft, when I take photo walks. New York City is my absolute favorite subject and the ultimate urban remedy.

let's connect

I can proudly say that my art is in the personal collections of many amazing individuals around the world. Please feel to contact me regarding commissioned work, artist calls or publication opportunities.

I adore collaboration. If you are seeking a pen pal, a mail art buddy, a mixtape trade, etc... just email me.